Robert is an adventurous and passionate chef who takes great care in creating recipes that will excite your taste buds and bring a smile to your face. Originally trained in Persian cuisine he was running a staff kitchen serving 120 orders twice a day. Robert started to explore the cuisines of the world and researched tirelessly for authentic food and recipes from all over the globe.

He worked in a range of takeaway shops to restaurants covering various international cuisines to gain knowledge and experience. He stopped working in the catering industry and decided to take a break. For over ten years he worked as an IT Contractor at the top of his field while in his spare time constantly researching and self teaching himself new cuisines, always with the purpose of one day returning to full time cooking.

 A very enthusiastic individual, he is extremely innovative and flexible with sound organisational skills. He believes strongly in excellent customer service creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for customers.

Robert made the decision to come back to his passion cooking and set up this business Sweet Blessings with the intent to create excellent dishes and with the sole purpose to take people on a culinary journey. He loves people enjoying his food and recognizes how food can bring people together from all walks of life and how a good dining experience can be a form of relief from the everyday pressures of life.

Has catered for a few parties and events already, cooking foods from around the world with excellent reviews and endorsements.

Whether it be cooking in your home for a dinner party, a small to medium function or even a cooking lesson Robert always goes the extra mile to provide you with an excellent and enjoyable dining experience.